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What we are reading.


Published two years before Ishiguro was awarded the Nobel Prize, this novel is like a like underneath which deep mysteries can be intuited. In the shape of a medieval and allegorical story, this book hides a reflection on the undecided or predictable nature of our destiny and the strength -both elusive and transcendental- of love, of fellowship.

Forensic architecture

There are crimes whose investigation require the use of aesthetical tools, and in its turn the artistic representation is the best media to communicate them, to make them livable. A fascinating book on a new area of knowledge.



Its subtitle is well put: it is a (hallucinating) journey towards quantum physics, from the Greeks to the present, and from here to a promissory future. It will break your mind schemes as it will stimulate your abstract thinking. Unmissable.


the underground railroad

For the standard price of a normal book, this novel contains everything that can be said about slavery and cruelty and, at the same time, all that can be said of hope and the end of slavery. And narrated in a precise, terse and beautiful manner. A bargain.


If this book´s central thesis (there are cognitive and neurological structures that explain narrative and dreaming archetypes) is interesting, its erudite deployment, with stops in science, mythology and literature, constitutes a true intellectual odyssey.  As some reviewer has already stated, it is a book one will come back to from time to time.

Movies and Series.


As you comfortably cushion yourself into your high-tech lounge and, perhaps, doze on some popcorns, Lance Corporals Schofield sets against a tree, bucolically watching photographs and reading letters from home under a clear blue sky, accompanied by his mate, rubicund Tom Blake. The war now seems far away from this soothing French countryside scene, as far away as you, XXI century person, may be from the excruciating, base and filthy pathos of the Great War.

Then everything changes.

“Seríamos peores de lo que somos sin los buenos libros que leímos, más conformistas, menos insumisos y el espíritu crítico, motor del progreso, ni siquiera existiría”.

Mario Vargas Llosa,

Premio Nobel de Literatura.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso