Royal Decree-Law 21/2021, of 26 October, extending social protection measures to address situations of social and economic vulnerability 

Nov 11, 2021 | Lagares News

Following the proximity of the end of measures established to address situations of vulnerability in housing, which had previously been extended by Royal Decree Law 16/2021 of August 3 and implemented by Royal Decree Law 8/2021 and 11/2020, on 27 October 2021, Royal Decree-Law 21/2021 has been consequently issued, which we will now proceed to analyze:

  • The guarantee of supply of water, electricity and natural gas to vulnerable consumers is extended until 28 February 2022.  
  • Regarding the habitual residence, protection measures in situations of vulnerability will be extended until 28 February 2022, meaning that the suspension of eviction and eviction procedures will be extended to that date.  
  • At the same time, the possibility of applying for a moratorium or partial remission of rent is extended in the case of leases of habitual residency, in cases where the lessor is a large holder or public entity. Additionally, the possibility of an extraordinary extension of six months is established, which may be requested by tenants until February 28, 2022.  
  • At lastthe second final provision amends the deadlines set out in Royal Decree 401/2021, establishing the procedure for the recognition of compensation for owners and lessors referred to in Articles 1 and 1 bis of Royal Decree-Law 11/2020 of 31 March. As from the entry into force of this Royal Decree, it is stated that the compensation will proceed from the moment when the suspension is agreed and when it is lifted by the Court, or until 28 February 2022. In addition, such compensation may be applied for until 31 March 2022, therefore all references to the end of the state of alarm will disappear.

María Ruiz
Lawyer. Procedural Department