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Artemis – Andy Weir

Awarded and filmed writer of “Mars”, Andy Weir´s next novel Artemis (2017) is a moon adventure in a not-so-distant future. Sci-fi lovers may find it short of being the full universe you may often find in the genre; actually, the book is more of a lunar heist story. However, the problem does not lie with the future world depiction, that is well done, and in Mr. Weir´s classical mastery of the technical realm helps make it a believable. The problem lies with characters, that lack depth and are somehow pin-ups versions of humans. I found that part a bit childish and bland, even though Mr Weir made a great effort to add flavor to them by inserting cultural diversity and hence references. But the trick does not work: the automaton does not come to life. Will sure make a great teenager movie, though.