As a company enters the Canary Islands market, and that may be as simple as leasing or acquiring an asset in this territory, it will be exposed to a law and tax system that is somewhat different from that of mainland Spain.

In compliance terms, it means that such company has to assess specific legal risks arising from exposure to this new legal system – or sub-system, if it already operates in Spain – and provide for the necessary averting measures and protocols.

These tasks fall primarily on the Compliance Officer´s shoulders, but in good compliance practice every member of the staff that detects such exposure should take the necessary steps for the company to react through its compliance structure.

Lagares Abogados makes it easier, faster and safer for the company to ensure the new legal risks are taken into account and provided for, by:

  • Helping the Compliance Officer perform the initial specific Canarian legal risk assessment.
  • Advising on risk-avoiding, risk diminishing measures according to Spanish Law with the Canarian particularities.
  • And providing a Canarian law repository from that moment on, alerting your organization on any significant law change that may affect your industry as it occurs.


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