Brexit: Your holidays in Canary Islands

Jan 19, 2021 | Lagares News

As from 1 January 2021, British nationals, as third-country nationals (not a member of the European Union), must comply with the entry requirements in Spain set out in the Schengen Borders Code, including the need to justify the purpose and conditions of the planned stay and to have sufficient means of subsistence, both for the planned period of stay and for return.

Therefore, your holiday trip is assured in the Canary Islands without a visa, only with your passport.

In relation to the possibility of traveling with pets, you will only need health authorities in Britain to issue an animal health certificate (in addition to the corresponding chip and vaccination card). However, pets will only be able to access Spain through the “authorized Entry Points”. In Canary Islands, these Entry Points are:

Gran Canaria Island:

  • Gran Canaria Airport (Cargo Terminal. Highway GC-1, s/n, 35230, Las Palmas. Tlfno.- 34-928 99 91 -73. Email: Timetable: 8-20 hours.

Island of Tenerife:

  • Port and North Airport: Port Inspection Center (CIP) [PIFS. Animal] Via Interior Cueva Bermeja, s/n. 38180-Dársenas Pesquera – SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE Tlfno.-DEPEND.- 34-922 99 93 21, -24,-54. Email: Timetable: 8-20 hours.
  • Tenerife South Airport: Edfo. Goods Terminal 38600-GRANADILLA (STA. CRUZ DE TENERIFE) (Aerop. Sur-Reina Sofia) Tlfno.-DEPEND.- 922 99 93 21, -24, -54, and Tlfno.-Aerop.-Sur-34-922 99 92 38.

Other issues to consider when planning your holiday trip to Spain

  • Car rental: As from 1 January 2021, driving licenses issued by the United Kingdom will no longer benefit from mutual recognition under EU law. In Spain, driving licenses, valid and in force, issued by the British authorities will enable their owners to drive in our country for a period of six months, from 1 January 2021, that is, until 30 June 2021. After this period of six months, the scheme established for permits issued by third countries shall apply, in the terms governed by the current traffic regulations, unless the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom reach a bilateral agreement recognizing the validity of each other´s driving licenses.
  • Healthcare: You will be covered “as long as the United Kingdom acts reciprocally with Spanish citizens“. Until 30 June 2021, persons entitled to healthcare in the United Kingdom or Gibraltar by the relevant entities will receive health care from the Spanish National Health System.
    In cases of temporary stay and scheduled treatments, a document accreditation of health coverage by the corresponding entities must be provided, which will be admitted by all health centers that make up the National Health System. The dispensing of prescriptions for extended medicinal products in the United Kingdom shall remain in force in the terms provided for in Royal Decree 1718/2010 of 17 December on a prescription and dispensing orders, provided that the United Kingdom acts in reciprocity.

Eugenia Pérez
Partner. Business Department