As specialists in Civil Law, at Lagares Abogados we provide legal assistance in all types of operations related to civil liability claims.

The professionals who make up this area of practice have a long history and recognition, endorsed by the numerous civil proceedings in which they have intervened and the outstanding percentage of successful cases.

At Lagares Abogados we offer comprehensive legal advice in areas as varied as contractual relations, mortgages, leases and purchase and sale processes, including all types of claims arising from medical negligence and personal injury. In addition, our team has intervened in a multitude of processes related to subsidiary claims and legal incapacities. Likewise, our firm is familiar with providing legal advice to communities of owners.

The perseverance, diligence and honesty of a team committed to each case, and highly qualified, are some of the key aspects which enable Lagares Abogados to establish lasting relationships with our clients, based on loyalty, trust and respect.

Our services on Civil Law:

  • Encumbrance / mortgage law and Registration Law
  • Leases
  • Actions claiming filiation
  • Inheritance and legacies
  • Medical malpractice and personal injury
  • Sales and purchases
  • International Contracting
  • Timesharing
  • Asset management and recovery management
  • Community Owners / Joint ownership


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